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Super Bee Kill Switch Boat Kit

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The Super Bee kill switch is the #1 selling gas RC kill switch in the world. The Super Bee plugs in to the radio receiver on your vehicle and it stops your 2-cycle gas engine on command, during a radio glitch, low or total battery power loss. This Super Bee boat kit works with most any marine style engine. Click “Descriptions” below for more info.

Super Bee Remote LED

Optional Upgrade, Save $3.99 by buying now

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Product Description

  • This Super Bee kit kills your marine-style 2-cycle gas engine on command, during a radio glitch, low battery, or total battery power loss
  • Comes ready to install. No soldering, crimping, or splicing required
  • The Super Bee is 4 kill switch versions in one. No need for multiple versions for different radios. Just flip the dip switches to change how the Super Bee functions. The Super Bee works with most 2, 3, 4+ channel AM,FM, 2.4ghz radios
  • Compatible with 4 to 9v rx battery (2S LiPo compatible)
  • Adjustable low battery voltage cutoff: Choose from 3, 4, 5, 6v cutoff (great for LiFe or LiPo packs)
  • Adjustable glitch sensitivity
  • Multi color built-in LED
  • Buzzer output with multiple tones
  • LED output, which can power up to 48 individual Killer RC 6v LEDs
  • Dual engine temp sensors w/ adjustable high temp kill (optional temp sensors coming soon)
  • Data Logging, (optional add-on module coming soon)
  • Half the size of other kill switches
  • Includes a double insulated ignition coil wiring with quick disconnect, and EMI filter
  • Detailed instructions included

If you don’t have a spare radio channel you will need to buy a 2-way splitter cable to plug the Super Bee into your steering channel.

You can add an optional Remote Mount LED to this kit. The Remote Mount LED lets you more easily see the status of the Super Bee, because usually the Super Bee is hidden down inside your battery box. You will need to drill a small hole in your battery box lid to mount the Remote Mount LED. When the LED is lit up solid you know that the engine is ready to start.



Super Bee Gas Killswitch Instructions

Super Bee remote LED install instructions

Killswitch 3-Channel Configuration

Killswitch 2-Channel Configuration

5.00 out of 5

4 reviews for Super Bee Kill Switch Boat Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    I use the Super Bee in all my gas RC’s. Kent has been a great help in preparing the perfect fit for all my race boats. I mean cutting the lengths and installing the bullet ends. They work flawlessly in all my boats and off road trucks. I put them through some tuff off road wrecks and unbelievable boat crashes and they just keep working. It’s nice to know I have total control of any situation and can react when things get squirrely. Awesome product, Great Customer service, Great price. I highly recommend the Super Bee to any one running any type of radio control vehicle.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Such a great product. Makes my other kill switch feel cheap. Thanks

  3. 5 out of 5


    I learned a valuable lesson today and it was that my super bee kill switch is worth every penny that I paid for it. I had exited a turn and was accelerating down the stretch when I over corrected with left rudder and away she went. The boat disappeared around a point and skid through a weed bed before coming to a stop. This could have been real bad as there is a sea wall and boat house on the other side of this point.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Works like a charm on my HPI Baja 5sc /w Spektrum sr410 and Spektrum DX4s
    Easy install and setup. Thx for this great product and fast delivery.

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