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Massive thank you for your creation!!! I’ll be in contact soon to purchase another for my Baja.  Your Super bee saved my Fg Marder on two occasions! Darn throttle servos!  Quality product that WORKS! I recommend this to anyone that has a big rc car. – Wolfy

I bought the Super Bee for my New Losi 5T. Had trouble getting it set-up. Emailed on a Saturday to get Help, I was not expecting help until Monday.  In 1 hour Kent emailed back with the solution to my Problem. What Great Customer Service. You will be Highly Recommended. – Vern N.

Fast shipping easy install good customer service. – Rickard (Sweden)

Just wanted to let you know of the safe arrival of my items today. They were very well wrapped and they only took five days from order to arrive to me in UK. Very happy with that. Thank you once again. – Tony

I’ve tried more then a few other products out there and IMO I find Killer RC products to be far superior over the others.  I’m not trying to promote his products, just giving credit where credit is due. – rcaddic

Thank you guys very much, 2nd killswitch I’ve ordered directly from you and I got it quickly with no hassles at all, everything with your products are clearly intructed on how to install and it comes with everything you need. Every RC needs Killer RC! – Jonas

I got mine (4200 LiPo Battery) a couple months ago. I love the thing. Let’s you take full advantage of your powerful servos. Super strong and very responsive now! – BMOC

I just wanted to say thanks to Kent for getting my super bee, LED, and shoe goo to me so quickly! I’m amazed by the service. – electricrc68

Best thing to have. I have one in all my 1/5 vehicles, has saved me a few times. – Joshua L.

Killer RC is Great Quality.  Does Shipping All Over The World.  Great Fast Shipment And Makes Their Customers Happy.  I Will Be Using Them In The Future. – Anthony

Good stuff right here. I tested in on a local run and at The Team Chase Final.
Well done Killer. – Jim

The Insulation Kit has been performing very well on mine. – Justin

I have been extremely happy with mine. I went through 2 pull-starts in a week and I had to make the change. I got the Power Starter from Killer RC and I’ll never go back. – Tyler

I’ve used Killer RC parts for a number of years. Excellent products and Kent’s customer service is brilliant. – Rav

I ran my baja few tanks with no killswitch then ordered one.  1st time I ran my Baja with the Superbee, a small rock blocked the throttle shaft plate, I immediatlely pressed the third chan button and saved a lot of money and head pain.  Believe me, it’s the best hop up I ever installed in my baja. – Daniel

Estou muito satisfeito com os produtos Killer Rc. Pode confiar!!! (I am very satisfied with Killer RC products. They have my trust) – Luis

Killer RC products are the #1 hopup/upgrade you NEED before starting your RC. Perfect Customer Service! Perfect Products! Great Guy! Thank you Kent! – Mat

Great service from Killer RC. Items dispatched same day and arrived in the UK within the week. Thank you!!! – Steven

I learned a valuable lesson today and it was that my super bee kill switch is worth every penny that I paid for it. I had exited a turn and was accelerating down the stretch when I over corrected with left rudder and away she went. The boat disappeared around a point and skid through a weed bed before coming to a stop. This could have been real bad as there is a sea wall and boat house on the other side of this point. – g4bama

(About Korrosion Killer) Ever since I started using this product, taking my metal gears off of layshafts and clutch bells has been so easy! It has even made my raw pipes more manageable to keep rust free. - Olib27

The superbee kill switch is without a doubt the single most important part of our 1/5 scale beauties…And an absolute godsend to the r/c world. - Bill Kenney

Had a small problem and Killer RC sent me a new product in a few days, Killer RC has my business for ever. Thanks for your help Kent. – bubb88@telus.net

Got the new power stater! WOW!!! Does it work good!! The best thing I have ever bought for my baja! I am handicapped and this product makes it possible for me to start it by myself now. And its not expensive either!!! A must for anyone with a baja! – B. Peterson

Killer RC is the final touch on my 5ive t project and it should be for everyone else as well…Kent is the man. Products I installed, killer bee kill switch and light kontroller v3 as well as front fog lights w markers and rear billet tail lights Awesome… Thx for everything KENT – Scott

Just installed your Super Bee into my Rampage. Thanks for producing something that is so easy to install and has you covered from every angle, fail wise. It’s just an awesome product . – Derek Lunau

I am now running a few Killer RC products, their Super Bee, lights, 5 way splitter, and turnbuckle kit. The quality of all them is the second to none. The Super Bee is an essential for all 1/5 RCs. The turnbuckle kit makes set up so easy its unreal and the lights are by far and away the brightest I have seen. Killer RC’s prices are spot on and customer service is second to none and I recommend Killer RC products to all who drive 1/5 cars. – Daniel

Up until recently i had been using a battleswitch killswitch and then a switchblade kill switch i have now moved to the killer rc super bee and what a difference, its so compact its unreal and the buzzer and light mean i always know what my car is doing. this is a must have product for any largescale owner. – Daniel

I have Killer switches in all my cars, will not even start one without it. I also run the Killer 6000 rx. packs, killer run time! GREAT PRODUCTS & GREAT SERVICE! Rock On! – Dick Dragon

The Super Bee is absolutely amazing. I’ll never run my baja again without it. This beats every hopup on the market . Thanks again. – Adam

This is a must!!!. Trust me on this or you will be sorry!!!. I will never ever run an RC Car again without one. I am speaking from past experiences, with 3 run aways which cost me big time. Thank god for the super bee. Thank you Killer RC. – SS

The super bee has got to be hands down the best investment for my Baja 5B. Love it. – Black Flag RC

Received all the gear. Best service I have ever received on the net ordering RC products: Fast, accurate and friendly! Keep up the good work and amazing products. – Alex

Killer Rc Kill Switches are the Essential pre first run Hopup. I would never run a car without one installed! Beware of cheap immitations, Kents products are truely the best in the business and extremely easy to install! – Lost in MN

Kent has been extremely helpful and patient with several of my emails concerning killer RC products! Your products here at Killer Rc are true user friendly upgrades which optimize and deliver the most out of every R/C enthusiast. Thanks for your all your customer support. – Andrew

I use the Killer Bee in all my RC’s. Kent has been a great help in preparing the perfect fit for all my race boats. I mean cutting the lengths and installing the bullet ends. They work flawlessly in all my boats and off road trucks. I put them through some tuff off road wrecks and unbelievable boat crashes and they just keep working. It’s nice to know I have total control of any situation and can react when things get squirrely. Awesome product, Great Customer service, Great price. I highly recommend the Killer Bee to any one running any type of radio control vehicle. – Joe

This Killswitch has got to be the best investment anyone can buy. I have had a couple of runaways that cost major bucks to fix and im sure this kill system has more than payed for itself in the short time since installation. If you dont have one you better get one or you will be sorry. Great product! – Scott

Last year at “Diggers Dungeon” I blew out three shocks, before I bought Killer Kables. I Just got back from the East Coast Nationals at Diggers and was running Killer Kables on three bajas. Not a single shock issue. They are well worth the cost, especially the piece of mind of knowing that your shocks are gonna hold up. – Moz

Killer Bee kill switch is the best and easiest kill switch on the market today. I have the Spektrum DX3E radio (I know I know)and the installation was a no brainer. Everything worked like a charm. I got 220 yards with the spektrum before it died. I tried every TX and RX scenario to cause a failure, the kill switch worked flawless. Thank you for a fine product. Best $64 I have ever spent on a hop-up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Tom

Kent at Killer RC is awesome to speak with and got me exactly what I needed for my Warehouse Hobbies Team Pro Enforcer boat. This kill switch works like a charm and I am going to let everyone in AZ see great it works. No more covering exhausts or pulling lids off the boat to cover the carb. Killer Bee will be on every gas RC I own from now on. – Jon DesJardins

Hey I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Kent of Killer RC. I called him for some advice on a customers car that I was installing a Killer Bee on. The system was new to me and I had never installed one before. I called him up and he walked me through the process setting up the system. Not only did he help me out with the kill switch he helped me with the radio system even though its not his radio he got me through it. THANKS KENT!!!! you are a life saver. Also as a side note after I got this thing installed I tested it out and all I have to say is everyone that owns a baja, needs to have this on it if you wanna protect your investment. The system worked perfectly, and if it wasnt for my illiterate radio knowledge it was very easy to install. I plan to pick one up for my Baja this weekend. – Michael McAllister, HPI Racing Customer Service

I have one version or another on all three of my Baja’s. I will not run without one. I love the piece of mind of having complete control of a 25/30 pound car. I would hate to hurt someone and damage someones property because of a runaway. With these switches I do not have to worry about that anymore. Kent is very knowledgeable and ALWAYS helpful even when it is not a question about his products. Best investment I have made to date. Keep up the great work dude!!! – Animal 454

I fitted a Killer RC kill switch a couple weeks back and today i finally got the baja out and tested it out, and i actually needed the killswitch on the first run. I drove around a field at WOT and engine died. I thought hmm…. get the baja checked over and found that the battery had vibrated loose. Without a kill switch this would have resulted in a runaway baja. What an amazing piece the killswitch really is. It saved my day and my wallet. AWESOME PRODUCT! – scrim

Just installed my kill switch that I received from you. Extremely nice switch!! Easy install! I can’t believe I went this long with out one of your switches. What I like the most is now I can kill the motor from my radio. “WHAT A WONDERFUL THING”! I must say your customer service is Awesome! That’s hard to find today. Keep up the good work! I received my switch in two days. – ferro

I got mine installed and man this is nice!!!!!!!! One of the best mods I’ve done in a long time. Everyone should have one of these switches installed. – Scorpion

Good god man, how did I live without this one. I’ve been running my RC around in the street all day and fooling around with the kill function. I love it… – USABaja5

…I hate adding electrics to my RC’s its just more stuff to go wrong and worry about but I have to admit I love the kill switch. I cant believe I went 2 years without one of these and Kent’s are the nicest set up I have seen so far, so I took the plunge. I’m going to need two more real soon. I want them on all of my Baja’s. lol. – Yamadude

I got 2 kill switch kits from Kent and I didn’t know how to program my M11 Radio, so I called Kent and he helped me on the phone to set up the Radio. It works really good. I love it. This is a must have at Dunetoberfest!!!! – Diego

Kent’s kill switches are the best! If you don’t have one, one day you will regret it! – Smilein Bob

I just purchased one of these products. They are the neatest thing since sliced bread. Thanks for keeping our baja’s safe from run-a-ways… – Holechit

I like the peace of mind having your kill switch on my Baja, and would suggest that this should be the very first modification to any Baja. – Juice

Love your switches and the safety that it provides…. Cheap insurance man… – HarleyDan


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