Super Power Switch

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The Killer RC - Super Power Switch is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof. The switch has an LED that lights up when the power is switched on. The Super Power Switch on/off switch takes up about the same space as a standard RC on/off switch. Installation simply requires you to cut a rectangular hole in your battery box lid (template included). It also helps to add a little Shoe Goo around the underside perimeter of the switch to help make the battery box more water and dust-proof. The Super Power Switch can handle up to 18 volts, and 25 amps, which is more than enough for powering your radio receiver, servos, and other accessories. This switch can be mounted on any RC that has room for it. 0.78" x 0.5" mounting hole, 0.75" depth.

If your switch will be mounted near the battery, like in a HPI Baja, choose the Short wire option, which has a 2" long female plug wire. If your switch is not near the battery, like in a Losi 5IVE, choose the Long wire option, which has a 8" long female plug wire.


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