LED Headlight Combo Pack

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This combo pack includes a pair of HPI Baja light pods and a pair of Killer RC LED headlights. Save money, compared to buying the parts individually.

These are the new Killer RC™ LED Headlight for the HPI Baja. These are the brightest lights (highest lumens) on the market, but they pull the least battery power. Mix and match different colors to make your Baja more unique. They are available in white, red, blue, and yellow. They fit in your stock HPI light pods or you can use the new Killer RC black or dyable white light pods. and These lights operate on 3 to 10 vdc. The wiring is 18″ long. The LED cluster is 1" in diameter. The LED plastic pods are 1.375" in diameter. These work great with the Killer RC™ Light Controller (Killer Kontroller 3™) too.

These Killer RC HPI Baja light pods are made of super strong plastic. We also added extra material below the pin clip hole to prevent the pins from tearing through the plastic during rollovers.

With the white dyeable light pods you can easily change the color of the light pods to any color you desire, using RIT powdered dye in warm water.  Sold as a pair. One left, and one right pod.

HPI Baja light pod and LED headlight combo pack. Two LED headlights + two light pods.


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