Most Killer RC products are warranted for 1 year. Warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

Warranty is void if the Super Bee, Killer Bee, Servo-Max, Light Controller, Volt Meter, or Buzzer is mounted anywhere outside of the battery box, exposed to liquids, or high voltage, or if the shrink wrap has been removed.

The red CY push button kill switch is not covered under the warranty.

Only Killer RC brand LEDs and Buzzers may be used with the Super Bee or Killer Bee kill switch.

The Servo-Max voltage regulator has a 1 year warranty when used with a Killer RC 4S LiPo; warranty is void if used with a non-Killer RC battery.

Killer RC gas receiver LiFe and LiPo battery packs have a 6 month warranty when used with a Super Bee Kill switch, which protects the battery from over discharge. Battery warranty is void if the pack is punctured, overcharged, or over-discharged.

The Killer Kontroller light controller has a 1 year warranty when used with Killer RC brand LED lights. Using “homemade” or other brands of lights voids the Killer Kontroller’s warranty.

Killer Kables and rear turnbuckles are warrantied for 6 months. The Killer RC pull starters and Power Starter have a 30 day warranty.

Warranties only apply to the original purchaser, and are not transferable.

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