3-LED Super Light Mount

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This new 3 LED Super Light Mount pair is a great way to add lights to the roll cage or bumper of your RC. Includes two billet aluminum light mounts (raw finish only), 4 screws, and two 3-LED lights. Also includes an easy to use drill template. Simply drill two small 1/8” holes through your roll cage and stick the screws through and into the billet aluminum mounts. We recommend that you seal the back of the LED lights into the mounts with Shoe Goo to keep them secure in the mounts, and waterproof. We sell Shoe Goo HERE.  You may also need a splitter cable to connect the lights into your radio receiver power. Our lights operate on 5 to 9 volts dc. Each aluminum mount is 1.3” wide (3.3cm)

Works with the HPI Baja, Vekta, Losi 5ive, Losi DBXL, Kraken cage, Team Chase Cage, and many other large scale RCs.



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