Amsoil Saber Pro Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

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One packet of Amsoil Saber Pro Synthetic Oil pre-mix can be used as lean as 100:1 ratios in lawn equipment, scooters, chainsaws, etc. Amsoil Saber improves throttle response, lowers or eliminates smoke, minimizes deposit formation, and lowers emissions. This new formulation of SABER Pro provides the additional benefit of fuel stabilization to help prevent fuel from deteriorating during storage and causing poor engine performance. There is no need to add an additional fuel stabilizer when putting equipment into seasonal storage, which further increases the value and ease of using Saber Pro 2-Stroke Oil. One packet of oil mixed in one gallon of Gasoline will be a 100:1 mix. For "severe service" applications, like RC car engines, use a 50:1 mix ratio. So you will need to buy two of these packs and pour both of them into one gallon of gasoline, for your RC car’s fuel.