Bumble Bee Nitro Kill Switch

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The Killer RC Bumble Bee Nitro Killswitch™ will automatically stop the fuel flow to your nitro engine during: radio glitch/signal loss, low battery, cut wires, or total battery power loss. You can also kill the engine any time you want by pressing the Aux button on your transmitter, or turning off the transmitter power button. No more plugging the exhaust, jamming up the flywheel, or pinching the fuel hose.
  • Weight 1.5oz
  • Voltage 4-9v
  • Amperage 80mA
  • Auto glitch kill
  • Manual kill
  • Adjustable low voltage kill
  • Power loss kill
  • Adjustable engine temp. kill
  • Buzzer output
  • LED output
  • Works with most radios

The Optional Buzzer is a small speaker that audibly alerts you when the valve is closed, which is convenient when you have a body on the car and can't see the flashing red LED on the circuit board.


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