HPI Baja Rear Turnbuckles Pro Kit

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We took our already popular rear turnbuckle kit and improved it. The Pro Kit lets you choose from 5 different sizes of polished aluminum spacers so you can set the camber precisely where you need it. We are also including one extra turnbuckle in case you bend one, which rarely happens. Our turnbuckles are made from super strong, heat treated, high tensile alloy steel, giving them greater strength than titanium or stainless steel. The aluminum spacers work by simply spreading out the forces to a larger area on the end of the arm and ball end. Installation is easy. Just screw the turnbuckle into the arm, slide the spacer over the turnbuckle and tighten the ball-end tight up against it. You should not be able to move or spin the spacer. Works with HPI Baja and clones. 



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